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10 Places Where You Can Buy a Noragi Online copy

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10 Places Where You Can Buy a Noragi Online


Like cardigans, but better.


A few years ago, it would be unthinkable that something as odd as a piece of Japanese workwear would dare challenge the dominance of the wardrobe staple that is the trusty cardigan. But happen, it did.

 It all came to a head when an article published on instantly made the noragi jackets featured out-of-stock, and the appearance of several stores that claim they sell the real deal. The age of the noragi is upon us. But what exactly is a noragi?

 Inspired by traditional Japanese working class kimono-wear, the noragi is being hailed as Cardigan 2.0. A more stylish alternative to the common cardigan. A “next-level layering move” that is less dense and can have interesting patterns and designs.

 Sold? Yes or no, we’ve gathered ten online stores that sell noragi jackets. That way, you can peruse their online collections and see for yourself the new designs of the second coming of the cardigan.


  1. Aesthetic Homage

Let's start this list off with a shameless plug. Affordability and style are two things that rarely work together. Our online store is one of the instances wherein those two work. Featuring the largest selection of noragi with contrasting design and style. We have everything from minimalist types to jackets with a flashier design.

Other than noragi jackets, we also sell other clothing items ranging from shirts to hats, and even bags. Another plus point to our online store is the fact that we patronize independent brands for supplies.


  1. Shuren Projects

Based in Malaysia, this online store is mostly focused on selling noragi jackets. They have a few other clothing items for sale, though. Affordable and ships worldwide, this store features noragi designs that are mostly on the minimalist side.


  1. Meanswhile

An online store selling the latest in Japanese streetwear, it can be a bit daunting at first to navigate around Meanswhile since the website is in Japanese. But hey, we have Google Translate now, right? The translation is sometime off but it gets the message across. They also ship worldwide so that’s a plus.

The selection for noragi is quite limited but they more than compensate for that with their vast selection of outdoor bags and other accessories.


  1. The Kimono Kid

It wouldn’t be a surprise that the online store of designer Sasa, who specializes in the traditional craft of kimono, would be one of the few that offer customized kimonos. All hand made in New York City, they offer kimonos in all styles and ensure that only the highest quality fabrics are used for them.


  1. Four Horsemen

Based in British Columbia, Canada, this online shop offers minimalist noragi jackets. The selection is a bit small compared to the other online stores but the items they have are of topnotch quality and have great design.


  1. Visvim

The brand that brought the noragi to the world stage, Visvim was founded by Hiroki Nakamura, a native of Japan. John Mayer’s newfound obsession with the noragi was what finally brought the Japanese workwear staple its much-deserved popularity.

While this Tokyo-based shop offers noragi jackets in a slightly higher price range, it has a larger selection thus offering more designs to choose from. Other than noragi, it also sells footwear, pants, and shirts.


  1. Tee Locker

Offering a limited selection of noragi jackets, this Hong Kong-based shop more than makes up for it by selling other fashionwear too. Established in 2007, the noragi jackets they sell tend to be on the simple side but they are also quite affordable compared to the other online stores.


  1. Kiriko Made

Based in Portland, Oregon, Kiriko Made first started in 2013 as a small brand that offers batches of handmade soft accessories. Fast-forward four years and it is now an established brand that has also branched out to producing traditional Japanese attire in the form of the noragi.

Kiriko Made’s selection might be smaller than some of the online stores listed here, but then it also offers the most when it comes to style and design. The noragi jackets they have depart from the usual minimalist design and instead flaunt vintage nature-inspired themes.


  1. Tate + Yoko

Founded in 2011, Tate + Yoko is a store that specializes in Japanese denim products. The name itself is from the Japanese words for warp and weft (tate and yoko), the two directions for weaving fabric. Widely acclaimed as one of the best denim shops in the world, Tate + Yoko has also started including noragi jackets among its vast selection of denim-based fashionwear.


  1. Etsy Market

Ah, Etsy. The gift that keeps on giving for those who are always on the lookout for some excellent (terrible, really) meme material. Anyway, other than horrible copycats of crafts posted here, Etsy is also quite famous for, well, the homemade products and crafts that people post on the Etsy Market.

The market contains all kinds of things from bulk gifts to wood carvings. Also, you can score some pretty stylish noragi jackets from the Etsy Market, most of them handmade by local artisans.


The Bandwagon Is Here to Stay


Another thing about trends and fashion is how fickle they are. One moment somethings’ in and the next, it’s a crime against fashion to even be associated with it. The terrible future of all fads is that eventually, oblivion claims them. None of that for the noragi, though.

Since time immemorial, cardigans have always been part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. A reason for this is that they perform two functions: one, they keep you warm and two, they elevate whatever you’re wearing underneath to something more refined and elegant. Suffice to say that men will always need cardigans.

Now, put that together with the realization of some that noragi jackets are better than cardigans. See what we mean?

 Get on board, they are here to stay. We should probably start calling cardigans as noragi-wannabes now, eh? Food for thought.


Author - Archieval Mariano

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