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  • Hi, i’m 178 cm tall for 70 kgs. I’m not sure if I should go for L or XL with this jacket. Could you please help me ? Thanks.

    I recommend size L or XL if you want more of an oversized, layering fit I would suggest XL

  • Hello I'm a 185cm guy weighting 75 kg. My shoulders are 47 come. What size do you reccomend? Thanks in advance

    Hi. Large would be a good fit for you :)

  • Hi, 6’1” 180 lbs. what size in the denim jacket?

    Thank you for the query. The recommended size for you is "XL".

  • 5’10 150lbs

    Thank you for your query. The recommended size for you is "M".

  • Hello, I weigh 145lbs (65kg) and am 6ft tall (183cm). I generally wear size medium in shirts and larges in jackets for layering. I know your sizes run a little smaller than traditional American sizes. Would a size large fit me with a medium sized hoodie underneath?

    Thank you for the query.The recommended size for you is "M" . If you prefer to wear something insdide the product then you can go for "L".