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  • Hello, I am a pretty short person (5’5, 166lbs). Would the medium or large Aboriginal Kimono fit me? Thank you in advance!

    Thank you for the query. the recommended size for you is "L".

  • Hi! I am a pretty large person (6’4, 250). Would the Large Aboriginal Kimono fit me? Thank You

    Hello. Large would be a good fit for you :)

  • Hi. I am thinking the aboriginal kimono. It’s a gorgeous unique piece. Can u please upload a few more photos of the rose red color? Also I am 6” 195lbs and 42 y/o. I like to wear a jacket like this a lil oversized. Would your large size work? Also can u make this in an xl? Lastly what is your return policy?

    Hi. The best size for you would be Large :)

  • Hello, I have had a problem with sizing in the past, I love the aboriginal kimono, is a large the biggest size you offer? can it be custom made larger? I am 185 pounds, 5' 10" tall, age 60. Thanks in advance, David

    Hi. Large would be a good fit for you :)