Arapaho Necklace


Aesthetic Homage
Native American inspired design double chain feather pendant necklace is crafted from S925 sterling silver with copper and features a silver chain about 55cm length and 4.5mm thickness, second chain about 60cm length and 4.5mm thickness, the turquoise feather as well as the gold feather about 6.8cm length and the Jinbei feather about length. Please note, sterling silver jewelry will oxidize black. S925 sterling silver & copper
  •  chain length: 55cm, thickness: 4.5mm, weight about 26.5 grams
  •  chain length: 60cm, thickness: 4.5mm, weight about 28.8 grams
  • Turquoise feather size; about 6.8cm wide 14mm eight about 9.3 grams
  • Gold feathers size: about 6.8cm wide, weight about 9.3 grams
  • Jinbei feather size: about 3.9cm wide, weight of about 1.7 grams 
  • Silver cake size length: 20mm wide, weight about 2.4 grams
  • Barrier size 12 * 8mm, weight approx. 2.5g
  • Please note, sterling silver jewelry will oxidize black 


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